I offer refacing for alto, tenor, bariton and bass saxophone mouthpieces.

Usually, the following work steps are done:

  • Creating table concavity
  • Putting on a new facing curve
  • Balancing and polishing of the baffle area
  • Testing and optimization

The opening of the mouthpiece can be varied in a certain range, if desired.

Standard refacing:  150€ rubber, 180€ metal
Significant change of opening: +30€
The actual prize may vary depending on what exactly needs to be done on your mouthpiece. I tell the prize after I could analyze the mouthpiece in my workshop.

After refacing, a metal piece can be gold or silver plated. Prizes upon consultation.

Further jobs, like modification of the chamber, bite plate, copy of a mouthpiece demand special work steps. Therefore, I can tell the prize upon consultation.

I only work on mouthpieces made out of rubber, brass, plastic or similar soft materials. No stainless steel!

All listed prizes are final prizes plus shipping.

According to the § 19 UStG we do not charge the german sales tax, and consequently do not account it (small business).